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Peter Goldbach


Based in Berlin with roots in Krefeld and Prague.

I used to play hockey in several Clubs in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Moers, Weiden,Schönheide, Duisburg, Dorsten, Grefrath, Neuss and my last and favorite Team is Hockey is Diversity. With HiD we are fighting against racism, discrimination and inequality. Our goal is to create an awareness for equality,  diversity, inclusion, peace and love. As a white european it is my mission to be an ally for PoC, discriminated and excluded people. I want to create a welcoming culture for everyone.

I like art that makes sense such as Piet Mondrians paintings, which were used to create an esotheric programming language namend Piet.

Some of the Websites that I have created
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